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As you may know, Wednesdays have become a special moment in our week to push pause and make new friends.  I met Kara and her delish blonde crew over the summer in Atlanta at Seed Factory.  My dear friends, John, and Riley (from Gunner & Lux) introduced me to Kara Cole (@kisforkara) and we immediately connected.  She is like a breath of fresh air, warm and inviting, and has the coolest minimalist style.  I am so happy to connect our washies and without further ado....

SP: How would you describe the vibe of your parenting style? KW: I try to keep it pretty adaptable, we do thrive on routine but we also like to break the rules sometimes and spend a day out and about exploring, shopping, attending play dates, eating good food, etc. I’m also a type a kinda person - a bit of a control freak. so I’m constantly trying to be mindful of that and not be an overbearing nuisance to my children. 
SP: One Pinterest image that describes your personality in a visual? KWPinterest overwhelms me! answering this question would just be me scrolling through what feels like a sea of so many lovely images and not ever being able to decide which one best suits me - does that say enough about my personality? haha! but here’s an image of the pinned banana bread recipe I always go back to when I’m ready to bake a loaf. a crowd-pleaser around here for sure! and of course, the link because that would be cruel!
SP: Best under the radar tool, app, habit that maintains your sanity? KW: Oh, nothing fancy won’t find a Roomba in my house. vacuuming is my stress reliever/ sanity saver. although, I am extremely partial to my Meile vacuum - so kinda fancy. ha! but also, now that the baby is getting a bit easier I’m eager to work an exercise routine back into my schedule. I’m strongly considering @thebecomeproject to dive back in. Have you heard of it? it seems gentle, approachable and fun! check it out! 
SP: What is an under the radar kid's brand or item that you wish more parents could get their hands on? KW: Oh gosh, I don’t know - I feel like the word is out on most everything I love! but I do have a funny antidote for all the parents out there.. I have this button in my car that isn’t actually a button but looks like it could be a button and when our children are melting down/throwing a fit while were driving my husband and I will pretend to “press” what we jokingly call the “hush now” button which we imagine would puff out an ever-so-gentle sleepy gas toward the back seat and send our little angels quietly off to makes us laugh to keep from crying! maybe give it a go the next time you begin to reach your wits end on one of your own driving excursion! 
SP: Ideal date night looks like... KW: dinner somewhere yummy in the city. one of our favorites is Leon’s in Decatur - you go for the Pommes Frites and the exceptional cocktails! you stay for an equally delicious meal. After that, we’ll look for a late-night coffee somewhere and maybe a dessert to go with it. but what we really like to do is take said coffee and take home with us and catch up on some shows together on the couch. 
SP: A few of your favorite items in your home? KWMy East Fork pottery dishes - specifically my coffee mug. HEAVEN! our Dohm sound machines - literal lifesavers! my glorious collection of baskets that contain the mess of toys at the end of the day. and some of my nana’s heirloom treasures that now live in my home. 
SP: Favorite way to spend a day off? KW: day off - what’s that?! I want one! but seriously, if I truly had a day to myself I might get a pedicure and/or a massage then treat myself to a coffee and wander around some antique/thrift stores to see if I could find some treasures.
SP: What’s on your bedside table? KW: My phone, a glass of water, chapstick and a baby monitor. in the spring/summer I’ve almost always got a vase of handpicked wildflowers from my big boy ❤️
SP: Favorite Netflix series? KW: The Crown, Anne with an E (if I’m watching by myself!), Stranger Things, Queer Eye...we’re all over the place! 
SP: Best spot for coffee? KWIn Atlanta, we like Brash, Taproom, and Little Tart or Proof Bakeshop if we’re wanting a yummy pastry to go with it! 

SP: What can we look forward to in 2020 from your family? (Goals? New hobbiesIntentions?) KW: We hope to embrace travel more and more this year. it’s not always the easiest with littles but its so fun to expose them to new places and new experiences. it’s also fun for us grown-ups to have a change of scenery and a change of pace from time to time - even if it’s just little weekend getaways nearby we're ready to welcome the adventures we can share together. as for me personally, I went to school for textile design and I’m looking forward to dipping my toes back into making again - stay tuned! also, really honing in on my closet and getting serious about a capsule, minimal, ethical wardrobe is at the tippy top of my goals for this year. my oldest, ira, will do swim lessons in the spring and I’m really looking forward to seeing him gain some water confidence! ❤️

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