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I absolutely love breathing new life into Wednesdays by introducing our amazing community to one of our #washiewoman each hump day!
This week we are heading home with Becca Whittinghill- blogger and mama to June and Van from one of our fav spots, the ATL.
SP: How would you describe the vibe of your parenting style? BW: I would say that our parenting style is affirming, warm, playful, life speaking, and when it comes to disciple we try to be very heart oriented. Which basically means getting after their heart when redirecting them.
SP: One Pinterest image that describes your personality in a visual? BW: This was too hard so I just had to throw some humor in here
SP: Best under the radar tool, app, habit that maintains your sanity? BW: A weird habit for me is that I try to take a bath as much as life lets me. When the kids go to bed, start a hot bath and just unwind for a second. As a mom it really takes time to turn your brain off— like going on trips, it usually takes me a solid day or two to relax my shoulders and just be. But a bath is an obtainable thing. Throw on a face mask while you’re at it, light a candle or two if you have enough time and just be. 
SP: What is an under the radar kid's brand or item that you wish more parents could get their hands on? BW: Clothes speaking— we discovered Miles Baby this past year and it’s been the best ever. Super quality, gender-neutral, everyday clothes that will last a long time and can hop from one kid to the next— my husband is so hooked on the brand that I hardly see him dressing our kids in anything else if he’s dressing them! 
SP: Ideal date night looks like... BW: going to one of our favorite city restaurants, getting a glass of wine or something I wouldn’t be able to make at home, splurging on dessert after— even if we are full... and sitting and dreaming together. Nothing too fancy (even though I love those too) or it puts too much pressure on the date. I love being able to just sit across from my husband and look him in the eyes.
SP: A few of your favorite items in your home? BW: Other than my bed and tub? ;) I couldn’t live without my coffee maker and my crockpot! Also one of the best purchases I’ve ever made was a Bissell symphony that vacuums and steam mops at 👏🏽 the 👏🏽 same 👏🏽 time. Aesthetic wise, we have been slowly remodeling our ‘50’s Atlanta home so I really appreciate our new appliances (which we’ve never had) and our faux mantle that cozies up to our living room! 
SP: Favorite way to spend a day off? BW: Spending it with my family. We love exploring and strolling around the city— so we love to go to the Beltline (which is a big walking path in Atlanta) and stop at a restaurant or shops on the way through. 
SP: What’s on your bedside table? BW: Probably 3 empty water glasses, chapstick, and a hair tie 😂
SP: Favorite Netflix series? BW: Ooooh, this is tough. But probably Stranger Things? My husband got me into it right before our first child was born. I would bounce on an exercise ball and we binged watched it together. Ever since, I’ve been hooked!
SP: Best spot for coffee? BW: We love a place called Octane which is close to our house and has my favorite vanilla latte. 
SP: What can we look forward to in 2020 from your family? (Goals? New hobbies? Intentions?) BW: Lots of home glow ups and more of making our way through parenthood. Van will have his first birthday at the end of this month so we will have a big party to celebrate and June will be four in August. We have a couple of trips planned (June’s going to flip but she doesn’t know we are going to Disney in May)— and some more beauty and lifestyle tips, hacks and finds. Thank you so much for following and reading along— so excited about what 2020 will bring! 

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