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HOW TO ease your anxious mind

Detox your hustle routine

Commit to at least an hour every day for your own personal self care and maintenance. Including it in your iPhone calendar or schedule will ensure that you have the time to unwind and reset. Try a massage or bubble bath for an extra treat. 

Detox your eating habits

Try Meal prep consistently. Plan your meals in advance to ensure they are health-focused first and fulfilling. You won't rely on snacking or bad choices because all of the nutritious options will be right at your fingertips ready to enjoy!

Detox your social media

IRL! Spend time with people in person and extra points for doing this as an outdoor activity for some fresh air and Vitamin D. Try to avoid mindless scrolling on social media platforms. Although it may seem harmless, you actually are subjecting yourself to social comparison. In moments of anxiety, the last thing you need is the added anxiety of seeing what other people are doing. Focus on yourself and how you feel during these times. If you spend time with people in person and are engaged with them face-to-face, you will forget what people are doing online. In-person connection is important.

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ALWAYS clean and free from harmful ingredients

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