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HOW TO care for your mom boobs

Fluctuating hormones, pregnancy, breastfeeding, change in breast size making clothes fit differently, or ramping up your workouts can result in tender, cracked nipples or breast pain for many new moms.  

Loose-fitting bras can cause your nipples to rub against the material in the wrong way and ultimately lead to an irritating situation. Make sure to take the time to have your bra fitting done by a professional

One way to heal and prevent chafing of your nipples is to use hydrating moisturizers packed with healing properties like argan oil and aloe daily.

Remember to check in and take a break from whatever activity has been causing you the pain. Often sensitive, cracked nipples can heal within a couple of days if the problem that caused the irritation is stopped immediately. So give it some thought—when did the chafing start and what were you doing differently? Try sleeping in loose, oversized shirts to ensure our nipples are exposed to fresh air, or even better, topless! But everyone’s body is different, so figure out what works for you.

Use warm water and gentle soap to clean the area in order to prevent any buildup on the open wound. It’s especially important to clean your nipples if they start to bleed.

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