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HOW TO breathe like a yogi #washiewellness

Today we explore one of the most basic (and complicated) parts of daily life- breathing. To elevate your #washiewellness from just holding your breath in or out, we are here to discover how to set breath with intention and create breathing long and deeply.

First, let's look at the anatomy of breathing. To be sure you are inhaling and exhaling correctly, you must divide the breath into three parts;

  1. lower abdomen
  2. middle abdomen
  3. chest

When inhaling, first fill up the lower abdomen with air, then the middle abdomen, and last the chest.


When exhaling, the air in the chest goes out first, then the air in the middle abdomen, and lastly the air in the lower abdomen. You must physically push the abdomen out when inhaling, and in when exhaling.



However, when done correctly, there is no need to pull the abdomen in because it is done effortlessly. Yes- it turns out our core is essential to everything washies!

Like everything, even breathing takes practice. The best way to breathe properly is to build up little by little. Your body, specifically, your lung’s capacity starts to expand, and as a consequence your mind becomes more zen, calmer, and more balanced, and you will be able to concentrate more fully and breath with intention.

IN and OUT 

The magic of breathing starts when you master exhaling. It seems that during the inhalation, the mind is calmer and one can hold the breath longer without experiencing any discomfort. During exhalation there is a natural urge to inhale immediately after exhalation. When this natural tendency calms down you will be able to reach a higher level of consciousness.

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