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How To Get Drama Free, Clear Skin

The good news, everyone can have beautiful skin even if you have hereditary traits from your parents to be more prone to breakouts.  Good consistent habits combined with the right products will help you achieve the complexion of your dreams. First step is to make sure the products you use on your face and body are not the culprits (and causing your breakouts). Opting for a gentle, plant-based skincare products like a cleanser and moisturizer is your first step on your journey to a healthier complexion. 

 Why do I even have pimples?

What usually happens is that a pore becomes blocked with oil, dirt, dead skin cells or makeup. Then bacteria in the pore respond by actively growing, releasing chemicals into the skin which cause inflammation, so the pimple swells up and becomes red. The white core of a red zit – properly called a pustule (insert ewwww) – is the result of white blood cells fighting bacteria in the pore. Who knew so much was happening underneath the surface of your skin?

Wash your face like a boss

Find a cleanser that can melt (not strip or scrub) away the day, makeup, and environmental pollutants all while leaving skin hydrated and kissably soft. It is also ideal that the cleanser is recommended for: Sensitive, Acne-ProneYoung Adult.

#washiewellness tips:
Close eyes and lather onto damp skin, creating a rich handful of bubbles.
-Rinse thoroughly with warm water or wipe with a damp washcloth.
-Gently pat skin dry.
-Use cleanser daily, or as needed, to cleanse and hydrate.
-An ideal option for acne-prone and eczema-prone skin.

Keep in mind that you should never aggressively scrub at your skin; this won’t unclog pores but it can cause your skin to sag and cause inflammation.

Don’t over-use wash products, morning and evening (and after working out) will suffice. Washing your face and body more often will just irritate your skin and lead to dryness and redness. 

Do use a scrub product two or three times a week instead of your normal wash. They are great for giving a deep clean and removing dead skin cells leaving you with great looking skin.

If you have redness and acne that covers areas other than your face, these tips still apply. Find a gentle, vitamin-rich cleanser that conditions your skin head to toe for a total body glow. In the shower, lather body cleanser onto damp skin, creating a rich handful of bubbles.

-Rinse thoroughly and gently pat skin dry.
-Use daily, or as needed, to cleanse and hydrate.

For best results, always follow up with a soothing moisturizer to prevent redness and future breakouts. 

Keep in mind, stressing about your breakouts won't help. Take a deep breath and know that just like your calculus quiz, acne won't last forever.  You got this washie!

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ALWAYS clean and free from harmful ingredients

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